About Us

ECO-SQ, is an environmental friendly pulp-molded tableware, cups, bowls, and straw company that  is 100% non-toxic, harmless and naturally degradable fast moving consumer goods. 

Our whole product line uses "Intelligent Manufacturing" method which is a new process utilizing modern science, and technology. The process is called Biomass which results in low pollution, low carbon emission and carbon footprint. We use non-wood material for sustainability to our planet.

With increasing harmful impacts the plastic products contributes to the environment, ECO-SQ wanted to take the lead in banning, decreasing  or restricting the production of plastic products.

ECO SQ’s mission is to make the world a better place for our future generations. By providing pulp-molded, non-toxic tableware we stay true to being an environmentally friendly company that will change the food industry while simultaneously making the world a better place, one plate at a time..

This is our promise to you.

CEO Fred Bai